Indian Casino Slot Tips: 10 slot tips India’s online casinos keep schtum about

How do you win real money playing slots online in India? There is no easy answer to this question, but because we receive an incredible number of questions about casino strategies and slot tips, we have decided to put together a guide with the top 10 of the best online slot tips and tricks for Indian players.

Whilst there is no secret recipe for guaranteed winnings on slots, feel free to test a few of the tips listed below on your favorite slots online. We hope at the very least that armed with these tips you should be able to control your losses and improve your gaming experience in the long term with online casinos.

Here are the 10 best slots tips to win more money from Indian casinos online.

1. Compare payout percentages (RTP)

Every slot game has a certain payout ratio dubbed RTP value (return-to-player ). RTP gives information on how much of the paid-in stakes the slot machine pays out as winnings.

Payout percentages differ from game to game. Slots with high payout percentages tend to pay out more winnings to players. So if you are looking for the best slot machine games to win on then RTP an important factor.

Our favorite slot game with particularly high RTP is Twin Spin by NetEnt.

2. Check the slot volatility

If you are a fan of playing casino slots in India online then the chances are that will have noticed the “slot volatility” column in a table at good online casino sites. This value contains an important piece of information about the payout behavior of slots. If you are looking at a new slot game then the volatility gives you vital information.

If you like to enjoy low volume, frequent winnings play slots with low volatility. Highly volatile slots are at the opposite end of the spectrum. With highly volatile slots you risk losing a great deal of your bankroll before a win is paid out. But winnings are significantly higher on highly volatile slots compared with low volatility slots.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to the value of volatility and which you opt to spin is a matter of personal preference.

Of course, it makes sense to compare the individual slot machines with one another and subject them to a detailed examination to find out which one has the best chance of winning.

To conclude slot volatility, it is wise to include the values ​​in your decision-making process, although never forget to play the games that you really want to play. Above all, slots should first and foremost be fun!

3. Know slot rules and features

Sounds obvious, but surprisingly a large percentage of Indian players ignore it. Many players attempt to muddle through slots and try to learn the rules while playing, losing rupees plus precious bonus money in the process. Slot rules are generally simple, but there are some new advanced slots that may catch you out.

First, you have to find out if there are any unique, special slot features and/or functionality such as bonus rounds. Slot bonus rounds can have a decisive influence on the game. So always browse the game’s paytable before your first spin on the slot!

Some online game libraries also have an extra area for game rules, with details about the slot machines. You will find information on free spins, bonus features, and special symbols, which are clearly presented. You can also find the different ways to win on the various different slots. This is important because there are new online slots in India today with several hundred or even a thousand winning combinations and ways to win.

Some popular slots played online in India not only contain special bonus features, but also high-risk functionality like multipliers. Multiplier slots give you a chance, with a little luck, to multiply the profits you have made.

Microgaming Mega Moolah slot is famous for being one of the best multiplier slots online. Available to play at NetBet, this casino slot is a 5×3 reel and 25 pay lines game with a wild safari theme. This 2D slot is reminiscent of slots from the 2000s. When playing the Mega Moolah slot the lion symbol is the multiplier doubling your winnings.

The Guns N’ Roses slot by NetEnt is another top multiplier slot featuring a multiplier with several wild features. The game follows the world-famous American rock band with strong Guns N’Roses themes from the band’s heyday in the late 1980s - early 1990s. Hit the “The Solo Multiplier” and get a random multiplier that increases your winnings by 4-10 times. This slot makes it super simple to multiply the money you win!

4. Practice with free money in demo mode

The best online game libraries offer slots to play for free. Playing with free money in demo mode enables you to practice slots for free without depositing your own money. So you play slots risk-free which allows you to test drives the games in demo mode with zero obligation and also “practice” for when you play real money slots. Usually, there are no limits to how much you can practice with free money in demo mode which means you are free to try slots for as long as you wish!

Follow this process to play slots for free at Indian casinos online. First, log in (or register), then navigate to the slot games via the menu, choose the slot you want to practice on, and click “Play”. If you are lucky, you might find some Indian online casinos, where you do not need to sign up to play slots for free.

All in all, free money games ideal for beginners or slot veterans looking to up their game!

5. Get free spins and no deposit bonus offers

Free spins and so-called no deposit bonuses are popular with Indian players. The latter credit you with a certain amount as bonus credit without you having to make a deposit. Sometimes, instead of bonus credit, you also get free spins without a deposit so you can literally play for free in the casino and win rupees without risking any of your hard-earned money.

More and more often, you will find free spins added as an extra to deposit bonuses, which makes them attractive to slot players. Sometimes these bonus free spins are free of wagering requirements often styled ‘wager-free’, meaning you can cash out all winnings directly. So it makes sense to look out for bonus offers with free spins online when and where you can.

Since the vast majority of bonus offers are for new players only, we advise you to take a look at our list of casinos and focus on new casino sites in India. Even as an experienced player, you are guaranteed to find some new Indian casino brands to register at and claim a bonus with. The best thing about new casinos is that they are designed to lure you in with generous bonuses as a big warm welcome in the same way as sports or new esports gambling sites.

Play online slots at these Indian casinos

Develop your strategy when you play your favourite slots at these trusted Indian casinos

6. Use slot bonus offers wisely

Indian online casinos offer generous bonuses on slots to attract new players. The wagering requirements of these bonuses vary but generally, you can play and win a great deal with little stake versus playing without a bonus package.

It’s even better if you can find an exclusive bonus code to play slots. We add exclusive bonus codes on our site so check our blog page daily. If you want to start playing slots with a bonus today, we recommend NetBet, which makes it easy for beginners to navigate slot machines online in India.

7. Study bonus competition in the iGaming industry

Competition among online casinos in India is a dog-eat-dog world. But as a casino player, you can use the fact that they want to attract new players to their flashy new site to your advantage. Free spins and casino bonuses are all up for grabs when you sign up as a new customer in India, as are more general gambling bonuses for casinos and sports.

What differentiates a standard Indian online casino bonus from a great deal? By studying the form you will quickly find that wagering requirements play a big part and should not be overlooked. A wagering requirement is a multiplier that dictates the number of times you have to play through bonus money before you can withdraw any winnings as cash.

A final tip is to check that casino bonuses that don’t come with a maximum cash out attached to the package. Indian casinos offering slots online sometimes limit how many rupees you can withdraw from your bonus winnings.

8. Play slots in a controlled manner

Let’s not beat around the bush; playing slots online is addictive stuff. You should take gambling addiction seriously and never assume you will not be affected by it yourself. It is a good idea to be aware of gambling addiction signs and to know what the known symptoms are.

An effective strategy for avoiding gambling addiction and becoming hooked on slots is not to take online casino gaming too seriously. Gambling should be fun, so set limits and view it as entertainment like watching a cricket game live at the Sardar Patel stadium.

You can also opt to play slots with low stakes and divide funds up in order to enjoy a longer gambling session. More rounds equal more fun! It is sad when slots end after a few spins. So think about a slot strategy and money management carefully each time you play with real money.

9. Set limits and be patient

You might not be prone to addictions and swear blind you do not have a gambling addiction but setting limits is never a bad idea to combat loss of control that even pros encounter. When setting limits think about how much time and money you can afford to lose - and then stick to it. An important tip is to only deposit money into an online casino that you are willing to lose. By playing slots with a strict budget you will have better control over your game.

A mistake online casinos observe again and again is when someone wins and believes they have a lucky streak - and continues to play with their winnings until they have disappeared again in the machine. This is a huge error and highlights when it is best to stop gambling. To combat this it is a good idea to set the profit levels and cash out when you hit your target.

Finally, casino slots are designed to can get your pulse racing and create thrills. It is important to remember that it can sometimes take a while before you win on slots. The likelihood is that you won’t win on your first spin of the reels. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes practice to make a decent profit on slots. This is because slots are a classic game of luck and chance so remember to be patient.

10. Research casino slot developers

Finally, if you have read this far, you might want to brush up on casino game developers who make the best slots online. Good developers with winning casino software can make or break your gaming experience on mobile and desktop PC. What you will find is that the quality of Indian casino slots varies depending on which developers provide games to the online casino.

Leading casino game developers, like NetEnt and Microgaming, are known for making popular progressive jackpot slots with bonus features and big wins guaranteed. Plus both NetEnt and Microgaming produce slots for Indian players in the form of the Bollywood Story Slot which is themed on the Indian movie industry and the Cricket Star slot born out of India’s fondness for cricket.

Select to play slots made by a second-rate developer and you will rue the day! So do a little research and pick slots developed by leading providers only. By choosing classic slots like Starburst by NetEnt with all the bells and whistles and the special themed India casino slots mentioned above you won’t go far wrong.

The final word on slots

When asked about how to win playing slots online, the India Casino Slots team put our heads together and came up with what we think are the best 10 slot tips. But the truth is that nothing guarantees success in casinos and gambling in general.

Online slots in India, Vegas, or Macau are games luck and chance no number of slot tips or tricks brings guaranteed profits to players. Nevertheless, new players can use this page as a desktop PC and mobile slot guide. We hope it will make you feel at ease gambling at casinos online in India.

For experienced Indian slot players, our online casino slot tips and tricks may seem basic, but we observe mistakes being made time and time again! Everything on this page is to guide you towards playing the best Indian slots online optimally. Remember, little tweaks can improve your game a great deal.