In India, casino slots are the most popular way to gamble online. Mobile slots, tablet slots, or desktop slots are all in vogue. It doesn’t matter which device you play casino on, today slots are thrilling across all devices. With all this slot development, it’s of little surprise that there are different types of slots online to try. Each type of slot game offers different pros and cons to Indian players. A lot of slots scream fun, other slots are more serious and some offer better chances to win a life-changing jackpot than others. Perhaps the best thing about slots is that they offer a chance to win large sums of rupees from the comfort of your own home.

About Different Types of Slots Online In India for Mobile and PC

Did you know slot machines are the most popular casino game in the world? It makes sense then that online slots are the most popular type of casino game you will find at Indian casinos online.

To help you understand the different types of slots available online and their benefits we have categorised slots most played online in India in this article. So read on to find out about classic slots or video slots and progressive slots in detail - since they’re the most popular casino slot games being played in India today. We also touch upon slot tournaments which you might encounter at good Indian casinos online when browsing sites.

Classic Slots

India casinos online feature classic slots which are popular with beginners and established slot players. Classic slots have 3 reels and usually have between one and five pay lines. One of the things that make them chosen by many players is they have a more basic design and this allows players to focus on spins and outcomes, rather than playing a game with more complex features and designs. Even though these slots are more basic they can still offer such special features as wilds and free spins.

Indian Video Slots

Video slot machines are especially popular and tend to give players more in the way of options and special features. Players who like to enjoy more interaction will generally choose the video slots games because many of them will require players to make choices and interact during bonus rounds. They also tend to have stronger storylines and amazing graphics. The video slots generally have 5 reels and can have a number of pay lines. These games can even have as many as 50 pay lines. They are also known for giving players access to more special features such as wilds, scatters, bonus rounds, free spins, and much more. Many players who are playing slot machines for money feel these games give them the most for their money with all the free spin and bonus opportunities they tend to have.

Progressive Jackpot Slots Online

Progressive jackpot slots capture the hearts of Indian gamblers due to their ability to offer fantastic jackpots. In fact, some of the progressive jackpots easily grow to be worth a million or more. All types of slot machines can offer a progressive jackpot and this means you will be able to play your favorite type of game and have the chance to win an insane amount of rupees.

Casino Races And Slot Tournaments

You will also find that many of the online casinos offer their players the chance to enjoy online slot tournaments. These are just the thing for those looking for a bit of competition. In order to participate in a tournament, you will buy in and receive a certain amount of credits which you will use throughout the tournament. There will be a leaderboard that will keep you updated on the current standings. At the end of the tournament, the winners will be determined and the prizes are awarded. The prizes generally come in the form of money, but they can also come in many other forms.

When you go online to play slot machines for money you will be impressed by all the opportunities available to you. Read our reviews to learn about the best online slots available, and learn other valuable information that will also help you see results you will be happy with.

RTP (Return to Player)

An online slot’s RTP shows you how much money you should expect back from a slot after an extended period of playing the game. RTP is also important because it displays how much of a house edge slots have over players.

We will start with a simple example. Let’s say one particular online slot has an RTP of 95% and over many years of playing you spend ₹1 billion playing it. That RTP means that you should expect to receive back roughly ₹950 million in winnings. The remaining $50 million would be around what that slot machine will take in profit. That 5% is also what is known as the house edge that the slot has over you in the long term.

The reason why we used such a large amount spent is that RTP is worked out over such a large sample size. Initially, your first few hundred spins could see you getting returns of anywhere between 30% and 1000%. The longer you play, however, the closer you will be getting to the numbers associated with the RTP.

This is why playing slots with a high RTP statistically works. You have a better chance of winning or minimizing your losses over time with high RTP slots. The average RTP of slots is 96% mark but you can find some games with 98 or 99% RTP. Not all slots have RTP declared, so we advise you to stick to those that do make this vital slot information available to players online.

Understand How Online Casino Slots Work

If you’re transitioning from land-based casino slot machines to online slots, this section will guide you to learn how online casinos work and what you need to know as a modern slots player online in India today.

When you size up an online slot, just by looking at the game you will notice that all online casino slots look like what you might find in traditional Indian gambling dens. Slots online and offline have three to five sets of reels that spin before stopping to determine if you landed any winning pay lines and won any rupees.

One thing you will notice is that even the latest physical slot machine games lack the bells and whistles modern slots feature. Today’s online slots you find in India offer expanding wilds, animated bonus rounds plus more modern gameplay features which seem to be getting more advanced with every slot release.

The bottom line is that if you play slots on mobile or on a machine in a smart hotel within a state that permits gambling; slots fundamentally work in the same fashion. RNG is the only major difference between online slots and physical slots. RNG means a random number generator and monitors how the outcome is decided. Licensed casino game providers, such as Red Tiger, use RNG software which is regulated by online gambling authorities to determine the randomness of results.

While for many, the thought of a piece of software determining casino results is disconcerting, the fact is that RNG is a casino player’s friend. RNG is be tested by regulators as part of license agreements should so you can be sure there is fairness across the board when playing online casino slots in India and worldwide with casinos that are properly licensed by UKGC or a similar body.


What is remarkable is that most Indian gamblers have never fully understood how different slots work and the mechanics of each individual slot. Hopefully, this article has guided you to understand how online slots work and how slot game mechanics function.

While all the different slots, unlike skill games, are games of chance many Indians make video slot machines the bulk of their casino gaming. You can’t blame Indian gamblers because the latest slots are available in low denominations, require no skill to play, and often feature big rupee jackpots.

Remember, slots aren’t rocket science. The bulk of slots are designed to be straightforward and easy to use - making them the perfect way to start and/or end your gambling session. But it’s worth taking a few minutes to understand how they work. Mastering a slot game produces more winning pay lines and increases the likelihood of you winning one of the many massive jackpots online.

But the final takeaway is that the various different types of slots online are completely random and it is the maths behind the games that counts. The mathematics matters and that will determine the chances you have at profiting in the long run, no matter how much homework you do to increase your chances are of getting one over on a slot game on mobile/PC.

We hope you forget the common myths about slots online and start enjoying mobile and PC slots for what they are; a high risk/reward casino game that gives you the opportunity to win huge amounts of rupees but will ultimately win out against the player base over a long period of time.

When you go about selecting an Indian casino to play slot online for real money you will be amazed at the number of mobile-friendly sites, smartphone Apps, and PC gambling sites available which accept Indian payment methods and wallets like Google Pay. Read our reviews to learn about the best online slots available, and learn other valuable information that will also help you get results on slot games you will be happy with.