Mobile slots are an integral part of Indian casinos today, so much so that we take mobile functionality for granted. Laptops and desktop PC online casinos are dinosaurs, today players want to gamble across all devices which means mobile/tablet casinos too.

However, traditional online casino gaming on the computer connected to WIFI is very different from playing casino on mobile devices. The reason for this is due to your mobile devices rely upon cellular network technology. A lot of the time when you are on your mobile you will find you are not connected to WIFI which means you will be reliant on 3G/4G mobile internet connections rather than Wi-Fi when spinning slots on your Andriod or Apple device. This article explores mobile casino data, plans, and usage.

About mobile technology in India

Mobile gaming technology is what is driving the revolution in India.

Over 90% of online gaming in India happens on mobile phones and tablets.

3G/4G/5G technology in India

What is 3G/4G/5G tech all about and can you get it in India? This is a question that gets asked a lot. 3G/4G/5G mobile technology is basically a radio system, with masts broadcasting 3G/4G/5G signals across India. Does this cause a headache for the average Indian smartphone casino player? Not today, because Jio has a high 4G availability in India at 99.7% during Q3 2020. Airtel followed Jio with 4G available in 98.7% of tested locations during the same period. Read on to dig into the details and decide whether or not your mobile casino data use requires an unlimited 3G/4G/5G data plan.

How Much Mobile Data Do Casino Slots Use?

Mobile data usage varies per mobile casino slot game and differs per Indian mobile network provider. Meaning Airtel, BSNL, Jio, and Vodafone Idea (Vi) will all differ in terms of mobile 3G/4G/5G data used. Mobile casino slot developers like NetEnt and Play N Go who provide slot games for the best Indian casinos like NetBet state that spinning one of their mobile casino slots is unlikely to use up more than 1KB of data.

The truth is unknown but one thing we do know is that mobile data usage fluctuates when we play mobile casino, just as when we stream music on our phones.

The notion that mobile slots consume 1KB of data per spin is a sweeping generalisation suited to old-school slots like Jackhammer with limited features.

New slots with plenty of special effects, or even video edits and intros, will take that 1KB figure will multiply it x5 or x10.

Innovative mobile slots with amazing features and mega jackpots have moved on a lot since mobile slots took off with the launch of NetEnt touch games in 2015. So too has the demand modern mobile slots place on smartphone technology from operating systems (iOS/Android) to mobile data consumption.

What About Indian Live Casino On Mobile?

If you think mobile slots eat into your data, wait until you see how much data live casino on mobile uses. Live casino is one data-hungry fat cat. The best live casino games in India right now are powered by Evolution Live Casino software and localised in Hindi making them a hit with mobile gamblers.

It goes without saying that connecting to an audio stream and video feed of a live casino dealer is going to eat into your mobile data plan and use up the bulk of your bundle package unless of course you have unlimited data or are just logging in for a single spin.

Ideally, when watching live casino dealers spinning roulette wheels or dealing blackjack you are going to want to be connected on your mobile via WIFI for the best streaming and most cost-effective method.

What About Data When Using Mobile Casino Apps?

The truth is that Mobile casino Apps and web browsers like Chrome or Safari are much of a muchness in terms of data usage. It’s unlikely you will save on data by using one or the other. Generally, Apps tend to perform better in data tests, however, with mobile casino games you are playing the same game be it from an App or browser on your phone. There aren’t different versions of the same game built for different platforms. So the bottom line is that you are tapping into the same game no matter if you’re using a mobile App or phone browser.

Use WIFI When Downloading Indian Casino Apps

Mobile casino apps are large in size and drain data when you download them from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store (originally the Android Market). It is a good idea to connect to Wi-Fi when you download and install them for the first time. It is also advised to turn auto-updates off unless you are connected to WIFI 24/7 or have an unlimited data plan from your Indian mobile provider.

One good thing about playing mobile casino on App is that with an App you can monitor your App usage in the same way that you can monitor your data usage by utilising the tools given by both your phone and provider.

If you’re unsure about downloading online casino apps for Apple or Android smartphones or tablets, is it a good idea to play via browser first before you download and install a dedicated casino App on your mobile device.

What Data Plan To Play Casino Slots on Mobile In India?

How long is a piece of string! If you are a keen mobile casino gambler who spins slots daily and likes to enjoy top-end graphics with minimal disruptions? You need a large data plan. If you have discovered Evolution Mobile Live Casino or another popular live casino product load streams using a 3G/4G/5G connection. You need an unlimited data plan.

Mobile Casino Data Plan Summary

Mobile casino gaming will hurt your pocket if you don’t mind the pun. But by doing your own research into the latest mobile deals in India you can get the best data plans for your usage. The name of the game here is to ensure you have a mobile data plan that has ample room for your gaming habits. There is nothing worse than going over your data plan towards the end of the month and adding an extra 5G of data as this proves costly.

One spin on a mobile casino slot might use 1KB of data but if you spin slots for free, like sampling mobile casino bonuses, enjoy live casino, or are a regular casino player on mobile data can add-up fast over the course of a month. Luckily, new smartphones allow you to view exactly how much data has used daily/weekly/monthly via dedicated Apps, so you can be sure of your data calculations.

Finally, avoid mobile casino games on pay-as-you-go plans because they tend to be expensive and can catch you out when you run out of credit on your plan. If you do have a pay-as-you-go plan wait to connect to WIFI before you play mobile casino games or upgrade to a pay monthly contract with Jio or Airtel.